Save your website from Panda Update

For many businesses, content marketers and SEO professionals there does a sense of anxiety have to keep up with Google changes?  With active tweaks to the ranking algorithm,

Google Update

Understanding Google Algorithm Updates

Let’s take a look at the updates Google has rolled out over the years and the penalties that come with them.


Rolled out in 2012, Google’s Penguin update is to stop websites taking a shortcut to better rankings. Sites that have too many inbound links with the same anchor text tend to get attacked, or sites with links from bad / low quality sites and title tags stuffed with keywords. If your site has been affected, you’ll notice a sharp drop off Google’s search results or rankings for a particular keyword dropping off.


The Google Panda update is a search filer that was introduced in February 2011 and gets updated from time to time. Its aim is to stop sites with poor quality content from working their way up into the top of Google’s search results. Sites that are hit will notice a decline in traffic and search rankings dropped.


The focus of the Hummingbird update is to offer better meaning behind words and search queries by changing the though process from ‘how do I rank for this query’ to ‘how do I best answer the question  my users have’.

  1. Create Content that is Highly Useful

Because these updates penalise sites with thin and irrelevant content, it’s imperative to create content for your site that offers purpose. It needs to be highly useful – content that teaches your audience and communicates the right messages in the right language.

  1. Consolidate Approximate Duplication Content

Duplicate content is a big no-no in the eyes of Google and works against the current algorithms in place. But what about similar topics and pages? If your website has a lot of pages covering the same topic, it’s a good idea to put them all under one master topic or category.

  1. Remove Keyword Overload

Sure keywords are a huge part of SEO and content marketing, but it doesn’t mean they need to be thrown around everywhere. Google is cracking down on keyword stuffing through the Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates so avoid overusing them.

  1. Create Content for Other High Profile Websites and Blogs

Look for high quality blogs and websites that fit your industry and reach out for guest post opportunities. It’s the perfect way to tap into a new audience that your content on your website may not have reached yet and assists in earning high quality backlinks to your site.

  1. Write Naturally – For Humans, Not Search Engines

As much as Google’s updates are important to consider and abide by, you still want to create content that is written purely for your audience and readers – not search engines. .

Content marketing is one of the best way to safeguard your website from Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates. But not only will you be avoiding penalties, you’ll also be providing readers with a better and more reliable source of information.

Benefits of Career Selection While You Are Young

More often than not, people who make the right choice about their career land up tasting success. There is nothing worse than making a wrong choice, not only because it will hamper your professional ambitions & objectives, but will also have a significant effect on your personal and family life. However, if you manage to make an appropriate choice for yourself at a younger age, there is nothing better that you can do to yourself and be absolutely sure on this!! The best time for this is your early “Teen age” while attending school. This is because as you step into your high school, the proceedings over there start to affect the respective career choices.

Below are some of the benefits that you reap by doing so:

You give yourself time to switch:

Even if you have made a wrong choice out of inexperience or any other reason, there is time to put the reverse gear and sort things out. Like if you opted for something in Information Technology e.g. programming or graphic designing only due to the fact that your father wanted you to do it but observe that the analytical skills are not working the way they should have been, there is room for a switch of Industry i.e. Business Management or Accounting & Finance etc.

Limitations are lesser:

Finalizing a career for yourself early on is important for your success because your commitments are less in number. Being young in age invariably means you are single and have fewer family obligations to deal with. So you have the capacity and social edge to give it a full throttle, and invest more time into the job.

You have time to be your own boss:

If you have planned to start an Advertising company and manage to find a job at some Ad agency early in your career, it could be a defining moment in your career. In such cases, job is only a backup plan which had to support your eventual goal of being an Entrepreneur. And by doing so, you managed to grab the all important experience with time to spare. So sit back and relax, you have space of managing with the early jolts.

Your life becomes better

Invariably, the probability of success multiplies if you select something to do which you enjoy doing… And it becomes even more beneficial when you start doing it at an early age, so by the time it matures, you still have some strength left in your legs. Consequently, this takes you bit ahead in life than you should have been at that juncture, which can have a real positive impact on your health and productivity.

 You tend to keep looking forward

Success does not only make you happy, it motivates you for exploring new avenues and positively impact future endeavors. This is due to the presence of that “Push” inside, which always keeps you inspired, encouraged and keeps triggering the passion in there. Therefore, you could be a better mentor for your children or other young guns.

Thinking and planning about your personal development in time will give you more control on the whole episode, which provides a stronger base and solid platform. Your learning tends to be well versed and eventually will lead you to build a stronger network to capitalize on in times to come. You learn about your likes and dislikes as you grow and experience new ideas. In order to really succeed, you need to take charge of your career, take the ownership for shaping it and ensure that it is moving in the direction where you want it to go. Therefore, it is necessary to plan out and plot the steps needed to take you there, conduct a SWOT analysis of yourself and keep a close eye on your potential strengths and weaknesses, carry out a detailed examination and work how to eradicate the shortcomings in yourself that have been identified during the self assessment process. Try and find a counselor who can address and rectify your issues using all of his experience and knowledge, that will enable you succeed and learn rapidly. Grab any opportunities of training that come your way, as the corporate world is all about “Survival of the Fittest”. Rather, try and set short term goals for yourself instead of going for the long term planning, this will make your approach precise, crisp and well disciplined. Be passionate about the task, ensure to approach it with a big heart and do try to give a meaningful direction to that exuberance of youth. After all, exuberance is better than taste.

Author Bio:

Enjoying the art of transforming ideas into an informative writing piece, Sara has been working with RightJobs as a career counsellor. She is a creative being, an assertive trailblazer and a counsellor working with leading organizations to help them pitch top notch talent. She loves exploring the tips that work in professional network and communicate those with people in need.

6 Traits of Successful People!!

Want to be successful?? Everyone does…But HOW? This stands as the million dollar question. And to get your answer, it’s imperative that you observe the traits successful people possess and understand what they do and how they do it. Once you identify the correct notions, half of the job is already done. To help you understand, here we have jotted 6 common traits found in successful people with the tips you use. As adopting the traits of those people can lead you on the path of triumph.

They are Ambitious:

“Success without Ambition” is like “Life without soul”, both are directly proportional and one cannot happen without the other. Knowing your ambition helps you redirect towards the right mindset, which, not only is essential in the identification of your objectives but also helps in self-complementing which is necessary to build up confidence, boost creativity and enhance problem-solving.6 Traits of Successful People!!

They can Visualize & Plan:

Mapping up your activity plan is beneficial. It not only helps reduce fuss but sets up things for you in a manner which is less time consuming and relatively easier to handle. Make a list of things to do in order to think through your goals. Put yourself in a habit of making notes, strategize and devise short-term plans which automatically will transform and make way for creating the right vision. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, learn how to make these up inside your mind.

They Read to Learn:

Researches overtime have proved that readers are Lifelong learners and success is a mantra which usually does not come to people who think they have already achieved enough in their own capacity. You have to keep striving and that only comes with the will to know more. A person who is indulged in this habit keeps educating himself one way or the other thus creating a direct & positive impact on his or her knowledge, mental stimulation, memory improvement, increased focus & harmony thus making the battlefield more convenient.

Take Risks:

Most of the people perceive this as a Hit & Trial approach, rather it has to be well calculated and pretty much thought out in order to serve best results. Always playing it safe is an exercise which often makes you a bit more predictable and lethargic in your approach, which in turn creates a negative impact on the flamboyance one must possess to prosper. Trust your intuition in a methodical way and go ahead.

They Don’t Compromise:

Last but not the least; successful people don’t make compromises on anything less than perfect. They set their goals in life and start moving towards those. If you are at the start of your career, I would suggest you adopt this trait in a positive manner and look for a job that you have always dreamed of. There are many platforms out there which can help you find your desired job in your related field. Let it be IT, Advertising, Construction, Transportation or whatever. You can always get what you want with a little bit of patience and hard work.

Give Time to Family and Hobbies:

As a person, it is of prime importance to learn and master the art of “Gathering Yourself” after the continuous struggle being observed the day in and day out. Believe it, this is best addressed while you spend some time with your loved ones or engage yourself in any activity which pleases, soothes and comforts you. Going out for a family picnic, bicycle ride in the street, enjoying X-box with kids, fishing, golfing or even a long drive are things that serve as best indirect sources of power naps can aid in generating that “X factor” which makes you stand out of the rest in the crowd.

While you develop these traits in you, remember that there is no shortcut to success. Some can taste it overnight, for others, it may take years. What is important is to develop the appropriate mindset and develop a personality that is strong enough to undergo the hardships and obstacles lying in between.

Life is beautiful and it becomes even more charming if you align your goals in time and achieve them sooner than later.

The Prospects of Business Development Jobs in Hyderabad

It is a sorry state of affairs that the cost of living is very high in Pakistan. Everything is becoming so expensive that a family cannot afford for their reasonable living unless all eligible persons are earnings. In such a situation, one of the best shots that you can get is business development job.

Living in Hyderabad is favorable

Living in Hyderabad is favorable

Undoubtedly no other city can compete with Karachi in terms of number of jobs because it is the most populated city and most employers are concentrated there; but if you are living in Sindh then Hyderabad is your second best chance, because there are endless business development jobs in Hyderabad. The city is not as expensive as Karachi and you can easily find employment there.

Why opt for business development career?

Why opt for business development career?

If you have a business degree then you will never be short of business development jobs in Hyderabad. Most businesses in Karachi are now moving their business operations to Hyderabad, so you will always remain in demand there. If you have some years of experience at hand, then it is definitely a plus point for you. Business development jobs are always a favorite because they give you a classy white-collar job, enviable salary package, loads of side benefits and other benefits in the form of pension funds and insurance.

Degrees that you should take

Degrees that you should take

If you are aiming for getting your hands on suitable and well paying business development jobs in Hyderabad then you should plan ahead of time and get one of these degrees from a good university:

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA hons)
  • Sc. International Business Development
  • Master of Science in Business Development

If you have a short course or diploma that makes you eligible for business development jobs then you will stand out in the crowd of applicants and have an edge over them.

Duties on the job

Duties on the job

There are a number of skills you will need as business development manager as it is senior managerial job. When you are successfully selected for business development jobs in Hyderabad, be prepared to perform these basic tasks as your routine:

  • Developing business plans
  • Overseeing implementation of short and long term plans
  • Forecasting growth opportunities
  • Ensuring organization mission is followed
  • Supervising business model design
  • Keep an eye on business trends
  • Develop and maintain cordial relations with people

Marketing and finance are also tightly correlated with business development jobs so jobs in Hyderabad will also demand you to have some basic knowledge about these core subjects as well.

New trends in business development

Business development jobs are changing very rapidly because the business environment is never stagnant. What businesses used to do 5 years ago and succeed is not going to work now; if a business wishes to beat the competitors, it needs to innovate without any delay. Jobs in Hyderabad also depict this changing environment.

Prospects of the job

No doubt that there are plenty of jobs in Hyderabad, and if you are competent then you will always be in demand, but you obviously don’t want to opt for wait-and-watch strategy. In order to look for business development jobs in Hyderabad, you can opt for following ways:

  1. Use referrals: Ask your contacts to recommend you for business development jobs.
  2. Go to job fairs: Try your luck at job fairs for jobs in Hyderabad.
  3. Apply online: Look for relevant jobs in online job portals.
  4. Browse through newspapers: Search job listings and newspaper sections.

Do not rely on one option only, and apply at as many openings as possible in order to get plenty of options. The search is not going to be a piece of cake, but very soon you will get a sound job that you always dreamed of!

They Think they Own Us! Time to Show that they Don’t

One of the worst cases we encounter in interviews is – apologizing for everything! Why should we be the victim, where the recruiters don’t get the chance to apologize for anything they do? In many interviews, I’ve attended or have heard of, recruiters almost always try to own us. It seems as the don’t require our services. Even before hiring us, recruiters act as they already have become our worst nightmares – the bosses. What is your current salary? Why are you here when you don’t have ALL those skills we are looking for? And all those creepy questions, making us the apologizer!

I’m too tired and done with all those interview questions making me jump into that never ending dark holes. For this, I’ve been trying something new, something that don’t conceive that I’m the one in deepest need of a job and that the recruiter doesn’t care whatever I say or do. And here I’m with this blog for those trying to land new jobs in Pakistan.

So far, I’ve come up with these five simple tips to answer some rude questions (well not that simple!):

Question – What’s your BIGGEST weakness?

First thing – this sounds somehow idiotic. Who’ll share his/her biggest lose holes? Even when the recruiters ask, “What are your strengths?” this makes me laugh. Anyone can come up with an impressive story and get that job. But the real story comes out of shadows when s/he is hired.

Secondly, we usually don’t dig deeper to find out our weaknesses, but others. And if we do make up a story to impress the interviewer, chances are – the interviewer already is familiar with the answer and don’t fall under your spell.

So, what must you do when thrown this lame question? Should you walk away? I was reading an article, and the author said to walk away when asked this questions. I would have to deny this, as this isn’t a right way. Rather, you can be a polite interviewee and try something like this:

“Well, I don’t think this is a fair question. This question is getting old, and anyone can come up with a perfect answer to impress you. And I believe you’re also well aware of this. How could you fall into my trap, when you have a good hunch that I’m NOT going to share the biggest weakness with you?”

And if the interviewer is still insisting on getting the answer, you can throw back an answer that is quite impressive and book you a position for that job post.

Question – What’s your current salary?

Another strange (rather insulting) question. Would you ask “what is or was the salary you’re paying for the same job?” No, and even if you did, chances are you won’t get the answer.

This question is nothing but a way to negotiate. I always have been telling the truth, and what I get is a little more than my current salary. And I was flying in the air that I’m the perfect match.

Small companies are usually concerned with the outgoing cash. They pay little attention towards the skills and education. But for larger companies, they’ve to cater everything in mind. But still this isn’t the question one should ask.

But what one should say when asked this question? Try incorporating this in your answer – “My expectations are Rs.X. Is this within your salary range?”

Some might like this, but most of them would try extracting the answer no matter how much you avoid this question. And sometimes you may have to go with the flow.

Question – The Job requirements say that you must have X qualifications/skills/number of years, but you don’t have these. Why should we consider you?

I would blame the job seekers here. Many of us don’t read carefully and start sending our applications. And then complain that we don’t get a callback. This is your responsibility to read and comply with the requirements of the job. If you don’t fit in, don’t bother to waste your credits. Usually we say that applying in every job doesn’t matter, but in fact, it does give a negative impact.

However, when you’re certain that you can fit in and are being asked this question, you can respectfully say, “no one is a perfect match. Even though I don’t have the required experience, skills or education, but I have the talent to take this job and can prove to be a worthy match for the company.”

You don’t have to be apologetic for not fulfilling the requirements all-in-all, but when you’re confident enough, you must not hesitate to apply and talk to the interviewer.

Question – Can you ensure your availability on off days?

“Why? Are you the kind of companies who try to get the most out of the least?” You don’t just say it! But you need to make it certain that your work life is kept apart from your personal life. But again, I’m not suggesting to walk away just if you’re asked this. Sometimes companies need you more than you, and sometimes it’s better to show your presence on the laziest days.

Making a call when on weekends or on leave is no right of them. It’s your RIGHT to take days off and do whatever you’ve to do.

Okay, you nodded your head in affirmative, but you can also bounce back (graciously) with “what if I need to take a short day off? Would I be allowed if got an emergency?” I think they won’t say a straight NO!

Although, you must live a balanced life, but at times you have to lean down and sometimes they also need to show their good part!

Do not bow to every demand (not a question, but an advice)

Most of the times, recruiters think that they don’t need you, but you need them. If this is what the interviewer is expecting, you don’t have to go any further, even if they offer you a great salary package. It’s sad that most of the companies in Pakistan think that they are owning an individual and not hiring him/her for the services. Your current employer could be like this, and this shows that they don’t want to see you grow. They’ll try to hold you back and always try to depict that you mean nothing to them.

Well in cases, they can be right but only when you’ve been doing it all wrong. But if you’re damn sure that you’re putting all your efforts and love your job, you don’t have to look at them for any sympathy. Jobs in Pakistan or wherever, it’s a case of mutual understanding. You can’t go along without your employer neither your employer can.


I’ve appeared in many job interviews, heard many stories and read hundreds of blogs/articles/stories where job seekers are always acting like a scared mouse, and the recruiter is acting like a cat, ready to grab you if you try to go against their will. But you don’t have to be apologetic for everything!

It’s time to rise up and show that you aren’t an unwanted stuff. You have a worth and you’ve feelings, too. Promptly (but courteously) answer all the questions. And I’m pretty sure when you show your true strengths (not physically), you’ll get any job you landed for an interview.

So best of luck folks, and be a proud JOB SEEKER!